About the Studio

Derrington Building Studio is a full-service architecture firm working at the intersection of utility and style. Our approach demands that we work rigorously to identify clients’ needs and practical limitations, then push beyond to develop simple and stunning solutions. The result is a thoroughly modern experience - designed for this moment and the time to come.

We believe in good design. It drives our every move because the decisions we make today are consequential to not only those we serve, but people we will never meet. An astonishing array of human and natural resources, effort and specialization, hopes and sacrifices are woven into every project so we must consider each design opportunity with empathy and a hearty depth of thought. This responsibility brings us a sense of purpose, but the love of the process and of beautiful problem solving keeps us inspired and drives us as architects.

At the heart of DBS, we believe that inspiration and purpose are fundamental for each project. These values draw the line between the work we accept and work we do not. In our day to day practice, we embrace the values accountability, clarity, and thoughtful reflection. The combination and balance of these maxims help us create consistently excellent design and keep us excited about our craft.