Residential Development
Austin, Texas
5,000 sf

WOODLAND -  A communal residential development on a sloping lot, nestled among Live Oak trees in Austin, Texas.  While the property is located in a very desirable neighborhood, it presented a plethora of challenges to the design.  Unusual property lines, a steep bluff, an abundance of old-growth trees, and permitting violations from a previous owner were just a few of the issues. The current owner required four houses, which added privacy and view concerns. Rather than seeing these challenges as problematic, we chose to embrace the issues and build the houses within these constraints.  The result was a unique experience that provides ample space and a sense of privacy for each dwelling while overcoming all site issues.  Additionally, the use of cost-effective materials and finishes allowed the final design to serve as a compliment to the beautiful trees and surroundings of these South Austin residences. 

Photography - Craig Washburn Pictures